GVG Diagnostics – About us

Laboratory animal diagnostics - our mission

GVG Diagnostics’ service laboratory is housed in BIO CITY Leipzig, one of the most advanced centres of biotechnology and biomedicine in Germany and just a stone’s throw away from University of Leipzig.
In addition to the complete range of tests recommended by FELASA, GVG Diagnostics also offers a raft of other tests important and necessary for the health monitoring of laboratory animals. These include screening in the fields of virology, bacteriology and mycology as well as parasitology and pathology.

Enquiring minds spark innovation

Being a pioneering biotech company, GVG Diagnostics develops new diagnostic techniques for veterinary medicine. The goals of GVG’s modern research and development department equipped to the latest standards are to develop, produce and market sensitive and specific ELISA kits for the detection of bacterial and viral infectious diseases.
Thanks to close collaboration with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and the Institute of Bioanalysis at the University of Leipzig, GVG Diagnostics is able to produce and supply up-to-date products that meet market needs.

Compliance with standards is standard procedure!

To guarantee the highest quality standards, GVG Diagnostics strictly follows the principles of GLP and GMP in all its diagnostic services, laboratory tests and procedures. In addition, we are about to apply for EN ISO 15189 accreditation.

Depend on us!

GVG Diagnostics also uses the latest technology in areas such as data exchange, communication and order processing in order to make things as simple as possible for you. We guarantee quality, discretion and security.