Microbiome Analysis

The intestinal microbiome is of key relevance for a wide number of experimemntal investigations. It is known that it influences  the physiology and phenotype of laboratory animals in many ways. This has been demonstrated for a wide range of disease models such as diabetes, obesity, chronic inflammation, immunological or neurological diseases.

Even the microbiome profiles of genetically identical animals from different animal husbandries differ significantly.

The NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) method through the shotgun approach allows for a comprehensive analysis of microbiome and bacteria, viruses and fungi contained therein. Although the procedure is analytically more complex than the frequently used 16S rRNA method, it is many times more flexible and significantly more meaningful.

By using an extensive, well-maintained database, an  tremendous number of microorganisms down to species and subspecies level can be identified. Thus, we can generate  comprehensive and accurate microbiome profiles  exactly  to your needs.